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Red cinder dust and mud on the floor, yellow Ponderosa Pine pollen on every window and surface; it’s hard to keep up. We live here so we know how to deal with the unique Central Oregon dust and debris. Plus we have the specialized equipment and training to handle it with ease.

Our highly trained specialists will clean your house from top to bottom, inside and out. Interior surfaces are cleaned and sanitized with non-toxic products leaving your house smelling clean and fresh. Windows and sills are washed inside and out. Carpets are professionally cleaned, exterior surfaces are power washed, even landscaping bark can be applied. We go the extra mile to ensure your house presents beautifully.

Call or email us today for a quote. When it comes to cleaning in Central Oregon, nobody does it better.

(541) 408-5086 - Email Linda
20750 High Desert Lane - Suite 105 - Bend Oregon 97701
LETS Construction Cleaning Services is a minority women owned business enterprise
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